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Buzzer Beaters

Big Interviews

Wither the Warriors? NCAA Basketball, NBA Playoffs, More

Eddie Aparicio and Anthony Coral discuss the NBA playoffs, the NCAA Basketball Tournament, and whether or not the Warriors' dynasty is done.


Fired Up

Big Interviews

Trump TRIUMPH: Truth and SCOTUS Prevail! | Fired Up! Ep 20

In this episode of Fired Up!, Del Pilar looks at Donald Trump's SCOTUS victory which allows him to remain on all 50 state ballots.

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GOP South Carolina Primary: Ugly Truths | Fired Up! | Ep 019

In this episode of Fired Up, Del Pilar discusses his experience at a libertarian convention and then delves into the South Carolina primary.

Podcasts Fired Up PODCASTS

Andrew Hayes | GOP Candidate, California Primary for State Assembly District 75

An interview with Andrew Hayes | Candidate, California GOP Primary for State Assembly District 75

Podcasts Fired Up PODCASTS

Fired Up! | Ep 17 | Donald Trump Triumphs, Nikki Haley Humiliated

Del Pilar looks at recent GOP primaries and caucuses. Can anything stop the Donald Trump Express?

Podcasts Fired Up PODCASTS
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Free For All

Big Interviews

Libertarian Mike ter Maat REVEALS Practical Solutions! | EP 16

Libertarian Presidential candidate Mike ter Maat joins the show to give his sensible solutions to the country's major issues.

Immigration Scuffle, TikTok Ban in USA | Free for All | EP 15

The authoritarian TikTok ban passed by the House, and the hot button issue of immigration and the evolving positions within the libertarian community.

Libertarian Convention DRAMA | Free For All | Ep. 14

Big John is joined by the Chair of the San Diego Libertarian Party, Tyler Collins, to discuss the recent state convention of the Libertarian Party of California.

Libertarian Personality Crisis | RFK Jr, Cornel West, Justin Amash, and Chase Oliver

Big John discusses various concerns and controversies within the Libertarian Party and questions whether there is a conspiracy to infiltrate the party.

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Points on the Board

Big Interviews

NFL Free Agency 2024 Winners & Losers

William Del Pilar gives his winners and losers in NFL free agency 2024, especially the quarterbacks.

Gilbert Arenas a Black Supremacist? | Sports Illustrated is DONE | RIP Ole Andersen | EP 77

Is Gilbert Arenas a black supremacist? Is Sports Illustrated done as a publication? Also, a farewell to wrestling legend Ole Andersen.

Russell Wilson Released, Sean Payton Legacy, RIP Chris Mortensen, and more! | EP 76

Russell Wilson's release and whether or not Sean Payton is an over-hyped coach. Also, memories of the late Chris Mortensen.

Who are the future faces of the NBA? | Points on the Board | Ep 75

William Del Pilar and Eddie Aparicio discuss the future faces of the NBA, like Chet Holmgren and Victor Wembanyama.

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Red, White, and Rude!

Big Interviews



Big Interviews

Testing Post

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The Big Questions with Big John

Big Interviews

The Big Questions – Dr. Charles Ballay, 2024 Libertarian Presidential Candidate

In this episode of The Big Questions, Big John interviews Dr. Charles Ballay, a 2024 Libertarian Candidate for President.

The Big Questions – Jeff Deist, Former Mises Institute President

Big John interviews Jeff Deist about libertarianism, economics, and the role of money in society.

Dr. Michael Rectenwald, 2024 Libertarian Presidential Candidate

In this Big Questions, Dr. Michael Rectenwald discusses his run for president as a member of the Libertarian Party, as well as his battles with wokeism.

Big Questions with Big John – Jack W. Hunter: From Hunted to Hunter

In this episode of the Big Questions with Big John: Big John interviews libertarian / conservative commentator Jack W. Hunter.

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